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BMW/Mini Owners: When should you change your oil?

I'm sure you've noticed over the last number of years, manufacturer recommended oil change intervals have been increasing. Original SAE oil changes were to be scheduled every 3-months or 3,000 miles, whichever came first.

...There are several reasons, here are two: one, high performance synthetics are man- made oils which offer a longer viscosity life. Two, the EPA is pushing for engine oils to be in the vehicle longer so as to slow pollution through ground contribution and waste. In addition, the EPA is also looking at the removal of oils through electronic steering and soon to come, electronic brakes.

The effect of the above has more than one outcome. The synthetic oils have smaller molecules which can in some cases cause seepage or leaking on older, high mileage vehicles. Today, manufacturers such as BMW/Mini (2006-present) recommend the oil change interval at 14,500 miles - with the use of high performance synthetic oils such as Red Line Synthetic Oil.

However, for the BMW/Mini engines it is "normal" to use one quart of oil inside the motor every 1,000 miles. With 4.5 quarts of oil in the engine, do the adds up to potential problems.

At Peak Eurosport, we recommend you check the oil on your BMW/Mini at every fuel fill-up and schedule to drain and change your oil every 5-7,000 miles - and only use high performance synthetic oil such as Red Line Synthetic Oil.

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